Diary entry 1!

Dear Diary

It's been a rough two weeks, but I'm not going to get into it.. haha!
So its been nearly two months since the summer DigIT camp and bloody oath I miss it. I legit can not wait for the winter one! WOOOOOOOOO! SO KEEN TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN! And you can all laugh at my mess of a project, this is your warning; its absolutely terrible. I got so far into the first pages and then it deleted itself which really set me back, and it was so scary telling my mentor that, I was so worried what she might say but she was pretty chill buuuuuuut then again, I did kinda dodge it all a little bit... whoops?? But nah, shes nice as! I get hell awkward on the skype calls though, and I don't think I keep in very good contact with her but ah well, shit happens haha! I hope everyone elses projects are going well, I cant wait to see them all!
Today is the 8th of March, and on the 18th of March I leave for Vietnam and Cambodia. How exciting! I'm getting pretty nervous, but it will all be okay. We have the final parent meeting tonight and we getour cool shirts so thats rad. Its gonna be sick as!
Sorry about this being a terrible diary entry, lifes not that interesting at the moment and I'm kinda rushing this hehe.. BUT MY NEXT ONE WILL BE AMAZING! I PROMISE! Anyway, hope y'all are having a good time!
Much love,
Madi xox